Mom - Season 5


Single mom Christy has her hands full with two children, Violet and Roscoe, and maintaining newfound sobriety, when her passive-aggressive, recovering-alcoholic mother re-enters the picture, brimming with criticisms about Christy's life. As the daughter works to be the best mother she can and to overcome mistakes she made, she must also navigate dysfunctional relationships with romantic interests, and with her irresponsible ex-husband, Baxter. Despite the uphill battle, Christy tries to remain positive and stay on a path to help her reach her goals.
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S5E22 -Diamond Earrings a..

When Christy falls back into old habits, Bonnie worries about her we..

S5E21 -Phone Confetti and..

Christy and Bonnie's relaxing trip to a spa takes a turn when Bonnie..

S5E20 - Ocular Fluid and ..

Christy’s sponsor challenges her to be nice to Bonnie at all costs..

S5E19 -A Taco Bowl and a ..

Christy is concerned that she and Bonnie might lose their apartment ..

S5E18 - Spaghetti Sauce a..

Christy considers getting a new sponsor, Nora, after witnessing Marj..

S5E17 - Crazy Snakes and ..

When the ladies bring a meeting to a women’s prison, Bonnie is att..

S5E16 - Eight Cats and th..

Christy is blindsided by a surprising offer from her boyfriend, Patr..

S5E15 - Esta Loca and a L..

Christy and Bonnie help Jill get sober again, and Christy’s boyfri..

S5E14 -Charlotte Brontë ..

Bonnie locks horns with Jill’s inner strength coach, Miranda. Also..

S5E13 - Pudding and A Scr..

Jill returns from her wellness retreat a changed woman, but Bonnie i..

S5E12 - Push-Down Coffee ..

When Christy’s car dies, Bonnie refuses to let Adam loan her money..

S5E11 -Sex Fog and a Mild..

After Bonnie and Adam attend a traditional wedding, they discover th..

S5E10 - A Bear and a Blad..

When Christy’s long-distance relationship begins to fizzle, she se..

S5E9 - Teenage Vampires a..

Bonnie is upset when her brother, Ray is arrested and calls Adam ins..

S5E8 - An Epi-pen and a S..

After their home is robbed at Christmastime, Christy and Bonnie’s ..

S5E7 - Too Many Hippies a..

Christy and Bonnie rally around Marjorie when her husband has a stro..

S5E6 - Smooth Jazz and a ..

Bonnie insists on meeting Adam’s estranged brother, Patrick, and t..

S5E5 - Poodle Fuzz and a ..

When an injury temporarily lands Bonnie in a wheelchair, Christy is ..

S5E4 - Fancy Crackers and..

Bonnie suffers withdrawal after giving up cable TV to help Christy p..

S5E3 - A Seafaring Ancest..

Christy discovers she and her younger classmate, Cooper, make a good..

S5E2 - Fish Town and Too ..

Bonnie is suspicious when her brother, Ray, returns from rehab and s..

S5E1 - Twinkle Lights and..

Season five opens with Bonnie getting cold feet when considering her..

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