The Flash 2014 - Season 1


Barry Allen is a Central City police forensic scientist with a reasonably happy life, despite the childhood trauma of a mysterious red and yellow lightning killing his mother and framing his father. All that changes when a massive particle accelerator accident leads to Barry being struck by lightning in his lab. Coming out of coma nine months later, Barry and his new friends at S.T.A.R labs find that he now has the ability to move at superhuman speed. Furthermore, Barry learns that he is but one of many affected by that event, most of whom are using their powers for evil. Determined to make a difference, Barry dedicates his life to fighting such threats, as The Flash. While he gains allies he never expected, there are also secret forces determined to aid and manipulate him for their own agenda.
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EXTRAS 106 The Fastest Man Alive

S1E23 - Fast Enough

Barry is presented with a life-altering choice; Dr. Martin Stein and..

S1E22 - Rogue Air

As Wells once again gets the upper hand on the S.T.A.R. Labs team, B..

S1E21 - Grodd Lives

Barry must deal with the Reverse Flash's latest threat to a member o..

S1E20 - The Trap

Cisco uses himself as prey in a trap he sets up for Wells with Barry..

S1E19 - Who Is Harrison W..

Barry is faced with a foe who can transform himself into anyone he t..

S1E18 - All-Star Team-Up

Barry is surprised when Felicity Smoak arrives from Starling City al..

S1E17 - Tricksters

A copycat killer who goes by the name “The Trickster” starts set..

S1E16 - Rogue Time

The Flash learns that Captain Cold and Heat Wave have returned to Ce..

S1E15 - Out of Time

Mark Mardon aka The Weather Wizard appears in Central City intent on..

S1E14 - Fallout

An explosion separates Ronnie and Dr. Stein; Barry receives importan..

S1E13 - The Nuclear Man

Barry and the team realize they must pursue Ronnie after he attacks ..

S1E12 - Crazy For You

Cisco thinks about Hartley's dangerous proposition; Henry's snooping..

S1E11 - The Sound and the..

Dr. Wells' former protegee -- who can manipulate sound waves -- retu..

S1E10 - Revenge of the Ro..

Leonard Snart returns to Central City with a new partner and a plan ..

S1E9 - The Man in the Yel..

Barry finds himself face-to-face with his nemesis, the man in the ye..

S1E8 - Flash vs. Arrow

Barry is thrilled when Oliver, Felicity and Diggle come to Central C..

S1E7 - Power Outage

The Flash goes up against Blackout, a metahuman who can harness elec..

S1E6 -The Flash is Born

The Flash faces a new meta-human named Tony, who can turn himself in..

S1E5 - Plastique

Gen. Eiling and the Army take over the case after a bomb goes off do..

S1E4 - Going Rogue

A villain named Leonard Snart gets his hands on a "cold" gun -- whic..

S1E3 - Thing You Can't Ou..

Barry and the team track The Mist -- a dangerous new meta-human with..

S1E2 - Fastest Man Alive

Barry experiences a setback while pursuing robbers; Iris is more int..

S1E1 - City of Heroes

CSI investigator Barry Allen awakens from a coma, nine months after ..

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